Install Instructions

Requirements before installing:

  • Steam

Downloading Robocraft

  1. Open Steam Console - Click this (steam://nav/console) for a shortcut.
  2. Paste one of the following based on your Operating System (OS)
    • Windows: download_depot 301520 301521 5918427949166440916
    • Mac: download_depot 301520 301522 3380497498086297522
    • Linux: download_depot 301520 301523 289195762316184117
  3. Wait for Steam to display something like "Depot download complete : *The download location*" when finished. This may take up to a few hours depending on your internet speed.
  4. Once the download is complete, go to the folder that Steam downloaded the file to (*The download location*)
  5. Move this folder to a location you can find it easily, and rename it to something better.

Final tweaks

  1. Download one of the following files based on your OS. Once the download completes, place it inside of the folder you just moved / renamed.


In order to run the game, simply run the file you placed in the game folder. (May need to run as administrator in some cases)

You will need to create an account in order to play, see the register page.

Common Issues

Game Version Out Of Date

Go back to "Final Tweaks" and follow the instructions. If you are sure that you followed them correctly, follow the following:

The following instructions are for those who followed "Final Tweaks". There are two methods:
Method #1 Windows:
  1. Open the "Start Robocraft - Windows.bat" in a text editor
  2. Find netsh interface set interface name=Ethernet admin=DISABLED
  3. Open the search bar, and search for "Network Connections". Click the first option.
  4. In the window that appears, find which adapter is the one that you use for your internet. Take note of the name.
  5. Go back to your text editor, and replace "Ethernet" with the name you have from the last step
  6. To start the game, run the batch file.

Method #2
  1. Download servenvnew.txt
  2. Place the file in the game directory
  3. To start the game, disable your internet (unplugging your ethernet cable, or disabling wifi), run Robocraft.exe, and enable your internet (plug back in your ethernet cable, or enable wifi).

Something went wrong during the startup phase Extra Info: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

You didn't follow the downloading part of the instructions, please close Steam and startover the process.

Error loading the game files from your HD

This is caused by a low file limit in your operating system, try moving the game to another drive with more space or clear space on the drive it is on.

UnknownGame: Unknown game id

You need to run the game using the file you placed in the game folder.

The game didn't launch

Make sure to run the script file ("Start Robocraft - MyOS.something) as an administrator if it didn't start the game.